Missing You

Saying goodbye I cannot do!
I love you dad…I’m missing You!

Although I know your time had come;
Ending days of laughter, days of fun,

I wasn’t ready to let you go; Knowing I would miss you so.
Your pain has ended, you’ve been set free, Leaving more than just a memory!

But I’ve still got some living to do,
For husband,sons and grandchildren too.

Promise you’ll wait at Heaven’s gate,
And be not impatient if I am late.

Saying goodbye I cannot do!
I love you dad…I’m missing You!

by Darla Hill


New Year Resolutions

New Year Reflections

Another year has come and went…
But how much time serving God was spent?

When attending worship or bowing in prayer,
How much of my life with God did I share?

Did I remember to include Him each day that passed by?
To thank Him on days when my spirits weren’t high?

Did I seek His advice on plans I had laid?
Knowing it might change the decisions I’d made?

Was He invited to go everywhere that I went?
Did I love Him and trust Him one hundred percent?

Did I read His word daily? Wanting Him near?
Knowing His presence casteth out fear?

Did I praise Him? Talk with Him? Day after day;
Preferring and choosing only His way?

Did I ask Him to dinner each time I sat down?
Or told Him how happy I am He’s around.

Did I share Him with others every chance that I got?
Knowing their souls He to also bought?

Wanting to be honest with Him and sincere,
I’d have to say Lord; I’ll do better this year!
By Darla Hill

Christmas Time


Christmas time with all the chimes, how beautiful the sound,
God bless you, God bless you too, can be heard the world round.
So many places with heartfelt faces, Children filled with glee!
Carols sung with many a tongue, As lights twinkle on the tree!
Cookie baking, candy making, aromas fill the air,
Card exchanging, Flower arranging, with expertise and care.
Old friends meeting, strangers greeting, each other as they pass by,
Memories reliven’ old hurts forgiven as Christmas day draws nigh.
The hungry fed, the homeless bed, As we strive for unity;
Together we give, for together we live, in peace and harmony.
The good Lord’s plan for every man, is still the same sweet song,
To live each day, in every way, that Christmas all year long!

                                                                                     Written by Darla Hill

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow.

The WordPress.com Blog

You’ve already been asking… where’s the snow?

For those new to the WordPress.com family, every year we allow our users to spread a little holiday cheer by having snow appear to fall on their sites, which especially looks cool on sites with darker color schemes.

If you’d like to make it snow (not like making it rain) on your blog, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings » General.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  4. Roast some chestnuts.

If you had it on last year, it’ll still be on for this year.

If you’re anti-snow, for reasons we won’t judge, you can make sure you don’t see it on your personal settings page.

We hope you enjoy! And now for some Sinatra:

WordPress.org users can watch for a future release of our favorite plugin.

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The Bride of Christ

Prepare yourself! Oh Bride of Christ! The wedding day draws near,
Christ is coming to claim His bride, the church He loves so dear.

Be on constant watch dear sisters keep your garments white,
Trim your lamps; fill them with oil, in case He comes at night.

All will be invited but not all brides will come,
Some will decline, as though drunk on wine, with minds blinded and numb.

Others will look the other way, refusing to believe,
Caught up in their worldly pleasures, they’ve been striving to achieve.

Though some will cry when they discover much to their own shame,
They were deceived, by what they believed… their worship was in vain.

So be on guard true Bride of Christ and do not become dismayed,
The groom may be waiting for other brides, is why he’s been delayed.

Bride of Christ be faithful and careful not to fall
You will be blest, in that day of rest, if you share His love with all,
Written by Darla Hill 9/27/12